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          Who are we?

          Syndy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

          What do we do?

          Mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing API's and pharmaceutical intermediates.

          What else can we do?

          In addition to R&D for our own production activities, we can also provide relevant services for other enterprises.

          Our Comany

          Syndy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and is a R&D type pharmaceutical manufacture GMP approved by Pharmaceutical Administration of gov. It has jointly established Liaoning Province API technology center with Liaoning University.

          Research Development

          The company is mainly engaged in chemical technology research and development, focusing on the research and development of industrial technology. It is important to transfer latest chemistry theory to Industrializable technology , and to use to appropriate drug molecules synthesis, and corresponding reaction engineering research is provided to industrialize the technology.


          The company's main business is the research, development and production of pharmaceutical raw materials. It is rated as "Shenyang top 100 private science and technology enterprises" by Shenyang municipal Party committee and government, and is a provincial and municipal "high-tech enterprise".

          API Intermediate

          Sustainable improvement of quality management system 

          Based on innovative of research and development, we sustainedly build a quality assurance team and upgrade quality management system, sustainably to improve of quality control and equipment.


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